Mengdi Gao


Restoring From An iCloud Backup Behind A Proxy

Recently I had to restore an iCloud backup to my iPhone, But the network connectivity issue is a huge problem here in China, After seeing network error messages over and over again while restoring, I end up found the hidden network proxy settings page.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to restore your iOS from iCloud Backup, with configurable network proxy settings, this method at least works on both iOS 7 and iOS 8:

  1. Make a factory reset of you iOS device.
  2. After boot-up, walk through the normal iOS Setup Assistant .
  3. Finish the Wi-Fi Settings, and tap the Next button.
  4. From now on, you are free to press the Home button, which brings on a menu with Wi-Fi Settings, in there you will see a more detailed Wi-Fi Settings page with an info icon (i) next to each SSIDs, tap the info icon (i) then you’ll see the missed proxy settings.