Restoring From An iCloud Backup Behind A Proxy

Recently I had to restore an iCloud backup to my iPhone, But the network connectivity issue is a huge problem here in China, After seeing network error messages over and over again while restoring, I end up found the hidden network proxy settings page.

Here's a step-by-step guide to restore your iOS from iCloud Backup, with configurable network proxy settings, this method at least works on both iOS 7 and iOS 8:

  1. Make a factory reset of you iOS device.
  2. After boot-up, walk through the normal iOS Setup Assistant .
  3. Finish the Wi-Fi Settings, and tap the Next button.
  4. From now on, you are free to press the Home button, which brings on a menu with Wi-Fi Settings, in there you will see a more detailed Wi-Fi Settings page with an info icon (i) next to each SSIDs, tap the info icon (i) then you'll see the missed proxy settings.

I only tried HTTP proxy and it works like a charm, but SOCKS proxy should also work if configured with Auto mode pac proxy.

After the quick restoration and iPhone boots up, you are in the iOS Home Screen now, settings are restored correctly, apps are still being downloaded, and photos in the Photos app are still being downloaded, too.

Unfortunately, there is no photos in the Photos app 😦

Turn out it's an iOS system failure, my iCloud Backups was made on an iOS 71 device, after restored to an iPad with iOS 82, NO photos got restored.

Finally, I decided to give iOS 73 device a try, after step through the guide above, and boom, my photos in the Photos app start downloading.

So, due to iCloud's unreliability in China and Apple's software bugs, I'll stop using iCloud as the ultimate iOS backup solution and will stick with the Stone Aged Monster: iTunes.

  1. IIRC, iOS 7.1, but I'm sure it's iOS 7.
  2. iOS 8.1.
  3. iOS 7.1.2.