Migrating to VuePress

A new SSG star was born: VuePress.

After a thorough reading of the extremely well-made documentation, I decided to migrate my website, immediately!

By using a self-made wrapper script, some current limitations were bypassed to make this simple website feature complete as before, yet easier to maintain.

VuePress is promising in every way, one of the benefits is Vue.js as the first-class citizen.

For example, instead of writing plain old text to explain the growth path of my website, I could easily write front-end code inside Markdown file by following the Vue.js SFC convention.

This is a VuePress Built-in Message Box

So the following is a pure HTML & CSS implementation of a visually stunning side view Card using before-mentioned approach.

If you're reading on a mobile phone, rotate to landscape mode for best effects.

https://gao.md/Mengdi Gao'sWebsite Milestones
  • Hand-crafted HTML Pages

  • OctopressSSG

  • Self-made PHP-basedSSG

  • VuePressSSG

* SSG stands for Static Site Generator